Blanket is a technology-driven hospitality company providing short term corporate rentals in various cities. Blanket provides an online booking platform that allows business travelers to find multiple luxury style homes in their desired destinations.  While striving to increase our brand and services in a rapidly growing sharing economy, we promise to always provide great accommodations that cater to the tastes and needs of our guests.

Residential communities strive hard to create and preserve a culture of safety and connectedness. These are very important values we also believe in. Through careful guest and community screening, we ensure the each community’s culture is preserved while providing a comfortable and convenient home for our travelers.

It is Important for a community to create a culture they want their residents and guests to uphold. These are very important values we also believe in. We want to make sure that every business traveler and the communities they are allowed to visit during their stay are aligned. All communities and their residents should be respected, and we strive to make sure we make a perfect connection with both the traveler and the community.